In 2018, 5,8 million searches were made for Sweden as a destination on Google and Chinese Baidu. One third of them can be linked to a great interest in nature.

- The great thing about staying in nature is understood by more and more travelers in the world. In Sweden, thanks in large part to our own natural lifestyle, we have an enormous number of experiences to offer all year round. There are tourism companies all over the country that are good at inspiring and guiding visitors to unforgettable Sweden travel, says Ewa Lagerqvist, CEO of Visit Sweden.

Most searches on topics related to nature experiences in Sweden come from Germany, where you most want to be inspired about camping, fishing, northern lights and skiing. In Denmark you mainly want to know more about skiing, camping and canoeing. The fascination for natural phenomena is great, and the keyword that most countries have in common when searching for Sweden is the Northern Lights. Natural phenomena arouse the greatest fascination, and the keyword that most countries have in common when searching for Sweden is the Northern Lights.

The most common nature-related topics for searches about Sweden online

(Each topic consists of specific keywords, such as northern lights, tents and ice hotels.)

1. Camping

2. Natural phenomena

3. Unique accommodations

4. Winter sports

5. Hiking


When foreign tourists dream of Sweden at home in front of the computer, they most often enter keywords about nature. The most common search for Sweden as a destination is about nature experiences. And interest is growing strongly - last year the number of natural experience increases on the net increased by 28 percent.

Among many things that Sweden is associated with are “beautiful”, “accessible nature” and “genuine” at the top. And the interest in nature seems to increase sharply. The number of searches online about Sweden in combination with keywords about nature increased by as much as 28 percent between 2017 and 2018. On average, searches for tourism in the EU increased by 11 percent.


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